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Health & Safety is a vital cornerstone within any successful business today, a positive health & safety culture presents economical, commercial and operational benefits. With the continuous increase in prosecutions for a breach of regulations and the subsequent claims for injuries, the need for businesses to ensure health & safety compliance has never been greater.
Halo Business, Safety & Security Consultants are based in Harrogate North Yorkshire.  We pride ourselves on having the ability to deliver a personally tailored and cost effective health & safety solution for your business, using fully trained and qualified consultants. We are able to deliver a wide range of health & safety related service provisions, including health & safety training, risk assessments, including fire risk assessments, health & safety consultancy, safety audits, accident investigation and document or policy creation.  All our services are supported with direct person to person telephone support. 
The benefits of a positive health & safety culture, reach far beyond the basic principles of legislation compliance.  There are significant economic benefits such as, reduced insurance premiums and reduced risk of litigation against your organisation. Further to this, there are significant commercial benefits, such as an enhanced professional image to customers and suppliers alike with the possibility of attaining accreditations and awards for a safe working environment. Operational benefits are also significant, lost operational hours following accidents are minimised, employee morale is increased, as such productivity is increased and the risk of prosecution of directors and managers, thus removing them from the business, is reduced.  
The approach adopted by Halo Business, Safety & Security Consultants, is to provide a comprehensive customer focused service, where assessments, audits and or policies are completed, training is delivered and continued support, guidance and advice is available. A partnership approach is adopted with clients, with our consultants working with your own appointed representatives to achieve your required outcomes.
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